Tips to have in mind when choosing a CRM Partner


Salesforce, the world’s leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform now offers myriad products and solutions for digital business transformation. Companies wishing to implement Salesforce solutions have many options available to them ranging from simple customizations to selecting key CRM partners to support them during their journey. But choosing the best partner requires more than simply evaluating what services each offers. So, what are the key factors you should consider when selecting a CRM partner to guarantee project success?

  1. Company capabilities and expertise
    Browsing the websites of different services providers will give you a good sense of the types of companies that a specific CRM partner works with, as well as the size of those companies and the scope of the projects implemented. Keep an eye out for CRM partners that have worked with companies and industries similar to yours. In addition, consider the types of CRM products and solutions offered by that partner to determine if their capabilities match your particular needs.
  2. Company experience
    These days, the CRM service provider landscape is relatively fluid, with smaller companies and new entrants often being acquired, changing products or simply going out of business. That’s why it’s a good idea to consider service providers that have been in operation for an extended period of time as they are more likely to be able to provide a commitment over the long-term and have extensive experience in implementing successful CRM projects.
  3. Product experience
    It’s also important to ensure the CRM partner you choose is familiar with the specific CRM solution you want to implement. Salesforce, for example, is continuously expanding its product portfolio with the launch of new products including industry-specific clouds such as Salesforce Health Cloud as well as Salesforce Lightning an upgraded CRM tool and user interface, and not all Salesforce CRM partners will have experience and accreditation for each different product and technology.
  4. Company credentials
    Once you are satisfied that a specific CRM partner has the capabilities and product expertise that you seek, the next step is to validate their credentials. A good way to do this is to talk to some of their customers. CRM service providers will usually reference other clients during the sales process and it’s a good idea to approach one or two that seem similar to your company to better understand what the CRM partner is really like to work with. While checking the company references, you should also see if you can elicit feedback on the consultants proposed for the project also.
  5. Resources and synergy
    It is important to choose a CRM partner that is well-resourced both in terms of technology and their team. A good partner will ensure that the project is delivered on time, on budget and within the scope of requirements as well as offer ongoing training and support. For this reason, another essential factor to consider is the synergy between your two companies. The best way to figure out if a particular CRM partner will be a good cultural fit is to spend some time with the team members you would be working with day-to-day.


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For the past 13 years, Avanxo has been supporting companies across many different industries in Latin America that want to be part of the digital business transformation, with particular expertise in the oil and gas, insurance, and pharmaceutical sectors. As a Salesforce Platinum Consulting Partner, we work together with a team of 150+ certified consultants to provide technological solutions and quality end-to-end services and have successfully delivered more than 450 projects across 11 countries to date.

A big concern for smaller companies is the high cost and complexity of implementing CRM solutions. At Avanxo, our near-shore business model makes us a great partner and very cost effective for companies in this space. In addition, we are the first Salesforce Partner in Latin America to have achieved Lightning Experience Accreditation, a reflection of our constant drive to evolve and support our customers in moving to the latest and most up-to-date cloud-based CRM solutions.

Check out some of our client success stories here and if you’re ready to find out which Salesforce solution can transform your business.

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