A distinguished industry panel comprised of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts, and CIOReview’s editorial board, undertook a review of the leading cloud solution providers noted for delivering bespoke and fully innovative services that set them apart in the industry. We are delighted to announce that Avanxo has been selected by CIOReview as one of the Top 20 Most Promising Cloud Solution Providers in 2017.

Cloud Computing is a model that has become adopted as a standard, and forms an integral part of the DNA of large companies. This is largely due to concepts such as digital transformation, which provides businesses with the innovation needed to make processes more efficient giving them a competitive edge in the market.

DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION is a profound change in business environments, processes, models, and competencies IN ORDER TO HARNESS DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY OPPORTUNITIES. Several factors influence the assertion that the Cloud model is a matter of survival for today’s companies. The factors include security, storage capacity in times of Big Data, and business scalability. The Cloud model is nowadays fully certified and approved for these circumstances and there are experts who understand perfectly why the Cloud is better than having physical information.

Today´s cloud solution providers are so diverse and comprehensive that their offerings can be tailored to specific needs, and by industry. Different cutting-edge technologies are enabling companies to acquire proactive ideas to address business challenges and truly survive in the connected world.


Avanxo: Pioneers and Leaders in Cloud Solutions.

Avanxo currently supports many different types of companies in Latin America that want to be part of the digital transformation, providing technological solutions and quality end-to- end services; more than 450 projects delivered across 11 countries prove this.

One of many of Avanxo’s success stories is the project that was delivered for Grupo Sura. As a result of the solutions that were implemented, Grupo Sura, a company that consists of different business units such as insurance, health, and financial services, was able to achieve a 20% increase in efficiency of the salespersons that carry out processes using Salesforce versus non-users. Grupo Sura launched the Salesforce Health Cloud project in 2017, guided by Avanxo in its evolution within the tool. Because Avanxo is a Salesforce Platinum Consulting Partner and works together with a team of 150+ certified consultants, the projects implemented in the region have achieved high satisfaction and success ratings across different industries.

Ever evolving, Avanxo seeks to reach new markets and for that reason, one of its objectives is to conquer the North American territory. As Avanxo CEO Diego Maldonado puts it, “We are taking our success stories as examples, and are starting to extend into the US market to cater to the enterprise needs of target-oriented cloud solutions, with the combination of near-shore resources based in Latin America and the US.

Maldonado concludes, “So far, we have been focused on automating the process of engagement with the customers. We believe that our future is going to be more in helping customers analyze and aggregate data, and produce intelligent views by using predictive analytics to enhance business decision-making”. These remarks underline the evolution of Avanxo, with its 13 years of experience in the market, as a company that has introduced many clients to the benefits of the cloud world in the digital transformation era with extremely positive results.

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