About Grupo Sura

Grupo Empresarial Sura is a holding company comprising different business units including insurance, health, and financial services. Founded in 1994 as a general risk insurance company in the city of Medellin, today Grupo Sura is an industry leader in Colombia. Sura operates in El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Panama and Brazil and is currently in the process of buying the RSA insurance company, thus reaffirming that the insurance sector is a core business priority.

Project description

INDUSTRY: Financial services- Insurance
WEBSITE: www.gruposura.com
TECHNOLOGY: Salesforce.com® (Salesforce, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud Communities, Chatter, Wave, Heroku, Health Cloud)


The project started off as a pilot that focused on 150 subscriptions to automate a portion of the sales pipeline.

The objective was to find the perfect CRM solution to automate the sales process and for the holding company to have a single view of the client, starting with the company Suramericana de Seguros.

After thorough review, Salesforce was chosen as the preferred solution.


  • Lack of clarity regarding cloud capacity and the versatility and functionality of Salesforce.
  • Unite the three companies in the group (occupational risk, insurance, and health) under one standardized sales process.
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the legacy systems and find 26 integrations.
  • Significant complexity in allocating responsibility for the customer service cases.
  • Implement the project across the three companies without affecting those already working in SFDC.


Users increased from 150 initially to 10,000 currently.
users currently.

The pilot project proved the effectiveness of the platform, with a 20% increase in efficiency of Salesforce users versus non-users observed.

Standardization of the customer service processes across the three companies (occupational risk, health, and insurance).

Continued innovation by Sura, and launch of the Health Cloud project.

A single view of the client across the entire holding company was achieved.
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