About Lumni

This is a finance company for higher education. Its business model focuses on being a channel between students, investors (individuals or companies through support funds) and educative institutions so to foment social inclusion by supporting students with potential to obtain a higher education. It has a philanthropic objective since it is not a bank or credit entity. They use contracts of shared income.

Project description

REGION:Colombia, Mexico, Peru, USA, Chile.
WEBSITE: http://www.lumni.net
TECHNOLOGY: Salesforce.com® (Sales Cloud, App Cloud, Heroku )


Lumni aspired to optimize the entire process of selection and application which is the first step for students interested in the program to take for entry. They wanted to reinforce the accompaniment process performed by the student manager in order to decrease desertion rates and in that way continue their business model with a return on investment.

  1. Also, they wanted to optimize the processes of selection and application and have a more friendly solution for operations and administration and create a billing model. These were the main necessities found at a global level for proposing Salesforce in an environment of Heroku.


  • Outdated technology and manual processes.
  • Different processes in each country.
  • They had between 3,500 and 4,000 students in the process, making it very difficult to manage all the information and to know what stage they were in and what fund they were applying to
  • End manual reports per student performed by the student managers.
  • Optimize the selection and convocation processes.
  • Create a billing model that had always been done using Excel; the biggest technology challenge.
  • Have a layer to keep the DB, the portal and the applications on Heroku.


Improvements in usage at the intuitive level in the <strong.

They grew to have around
applicants on the first weekend after going live.

They were able to create an internal multi-country collaborative network.

Visually the experience improved a lot for the students and also in the processes.

Standardization of operations for all the countries centralizing everything on Salesforce.


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