About Telefónica

It is one of the biggest companies of information technology and communications in the region, with a revenue of COP$4.6 trillion in 2015. Telefonica closed the first quarter of 2016 with a client base of 16 million people nationwide, as well as operating in another 12 countries.

It operates using the brand name Movistar. It centers fundamentally on the businesses of mobile and landline telephones, broadband services, mobile Internet connectivity and satellite TV.

Project description

INDUSTRY: Telecommunications
WEBSITE: www.telefonica.co
TECHNOLOGY: Salesforce.com® (Sales Cloud and Force.com)


Salesforce.com for the sales force automation of the corporate segment of NOLA, Colombia and Peru, with the majority of integration with the backend systems of all the region since it was all handled by Access.

It allowed the automation of sales, customer service and marketing, all within a single view and with access to information in real time with a team on site to assist the solution.

At the moment they had problems with Siebel regarding the Gala project, they established the project with regional extension.


  • Integrations with legacy solutions which made the Salesforce solution more robust.
  • Centralize the information of corporate clients.
  • Automate the sales force work of the corporate client segment.
  • Do follow-up on the marketing campaigns so to determine their effectiveness.
  • Adapt the tool to the requirements of the business.
  • Take the instance of Colombia to the instance of the region.


We were hired at the moment of regionally integrating the instance of Colombia in 2016 due to its complexity.

It facilitated doing follow-up on the marketing campaigns.

Having a 360° vision of the client improved the relationship with the corporate segment.

The follow-up capacity to business opportunities increased.

The procedure time for the requests of the commercial executives decreased thanks to the mobility.
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