We recently came across a market research report from Pfeiffer Consulting outlining the transformational benefits implementing a CRM solution can provide for small and medium-sized businesses. While large companies usually have a system in place to analyze and evaluate business processes, smaller companies tend to rely on an ad hoc approach. This works well until the company reaches a certain stage of development. In today’s fast-moving world, the key to making good business decisions is having the right information at the right time and this is exactly what a CRM solution can offer. Here are 3 ways that CRM solutions can add value to your business.

1: Your sales pipeline will become faster and more efficient

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Moving customers through the various stages of the purchasing cycle from lead to repeat customer can be challenging and time-consuming for smaller companies, and without a proper structure in place often leads to duplication of efforts and resources. This is where a CRM system such as Salesforce can add immense value – when implemented in a planned and focused manner. Taking data from different sources and locations and inputting it into one unified, cloud- based system can lead to immediate improvements in efficiency. Suddenly, you have full visibility of your customers and your business and you can use this information to refine your company’s strategic direction.

2: You can customize the system to suit your business needs

One of the biggest advantages of a CRM system such as Salesforce is its flexibility. A CRM solution should be scalable and easily adaptable to different business needs and situations and the majority of the participants in this research report were full of praise for Salesforce in this respect. In addition, Salesforce is user-friendly. Once the system is up and running, you don’t need to be an IT expert in order to be able to create and maintain the customized dashboards and reports that form the core of the system. It is these dashboards and reports that will display all the key information for your business at a single glance, allowing you to work more effectively.

3: You are not alone…

A big concern for smaller companies is the high cost and complexity of implementing CRM solutions. At the end of the day, a CRM system can only work with the data that is entered, so careful planning, objective setting and preparation is key to success. There are many options available to you ranging from simple customizations to selecting key partners to support you during your journey. At Avanxo, we have delivered hundreds of projects supporting clients in moving to cloud-based CRM solutions, and our near-shore business model makes us a great partner and very cost effective for companies in this space. For almost all of the research participants interviewed for this report, efficient management of the sales pipeline was one of the key benefits observed after moving from a manual sales pipeline to a CRM system. This is also one of the core functionalities offered by a system such as Salesforce. Moreover, they went on to agree that this was only one aspect of many in terms of how implementing a CRM solution completely transformed how they managed their businesses. In fact, a well-executed CRM solution can benefit your business in many ways by simplifying the integration of all your business processes and giving you new opportunities for growth and expansion.

How much of a competitive edge do you think your company could gain by implementing Salesforce to improve operational efficiency?

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