On March 15th 2016, Salesforce held their FY17 Spanish-Speaking America (SSA) Partner Forum. This was where all the partners gathered to hear the results achieved in FY16 and learn about Salesforce plans and strategies for FY17. As part of the results presentation, a number of awards were made to partners that were instrumental in delivering outstanding results.

We are delighted to announce that Avanxo was the proud recipient of three of the four of awards presented by Salesforce.

Avanxo was named FY16 Salesforce Latin America Partner of the Year ACV-SSA EBU (Annual Contract Value generated by SSA Enterprise Business Units) for closing the biggest business deal across all business units in FY16.

Avanxo was also chosen as FY16 Salesforce Latin America Partner of the Year New Certified Individuals in recognition for achieving the highest number of new Salesforce certifications during the fiscal year.

And finally, Avanxo was awarded FY16 Salesforce Latin America Partner of the Year Number of Transactions SSA for processing the most deals in the region during that business period.   

We are very proud of these awards, but at the end of the day, they are really a reflection of one thing – our growing base of satisfied clients. At Avanxo, we have delivered hundreds of projects supporting clients in moving to cloud-based CRM solutions, and it is our focus on customer service that has allowed us to become the leading Salesforce partner in Latin America.

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